Welcome to ZEROBIT Corp.

An innovative IT development company focused on using its industry knowledge and creative thinking to develop and commercialize a broad range of advanced, high-performance and original projects.

Our mission

We are united and energized by one mission – to discover and develop innovative technologies that improve our life and solve unmet needs of our customers.

Our team is comprised of management, design, programming, IT development and quality professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions and advanced technologies.

Our mainstream trends:


We discover, we use and we develop solutions based on decentralized cryptographic systems. We love Bitcoin and blockchain technology.


We provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end web solutions, including design, software development, SE optimization and media promotion.


We design and develop iOS and Android mobile tools that allow to tap into an accessible method for contemporary communications.

Our Projects

Some of our current projects we are developing.

Meet our team of professionals

Zerobit corp. takes pride in the knowledge and expertise of our development team.

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